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You lied to me
You told me that this would be
Something big and that you'd take us to the top
I hope your happy with the money that you stole from us
You stole our heart
You stole our love
You stole our fucking trust (Our fucking trust)

I want what I can't see
Thirst for what I don't need
The sky grows darker by the week
When it's a struggle just to breathe
You give your life and then you bleed
But will it ever mean a thing?

I hope you see everything that we will be
And fucking choke on every promise that you fed to me
I hope you're happy knowing that we never needed you
Take back these broken dreams cause now were something strong and true

Whats giving you the right to choose which path were gonna take?
What makes it right to kill with all the lies that you create?
You'll never see the fucked up side of broken promises
What makes you think that we would ever trust a thing you said

You fucking lied to us
No one left to trust
Another death by lust
You lied to us

I don't know if you'll ever decide
To open your eyes or to remain blind
Our lives Our trust
Lie on the ashes of all the ones that we love

In you I can never confide
The shadow you cast is a dollar sign
Our lives Our love
This is our way of exposing you for what you've done

I'm leaving home
Everything I've called my own
I will keep faith in all the friends I've made



from AXIOS, released November 23, 2013



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We Are The Blog! Sandstone, Minnesota

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