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A look in the mirror reveals a face they'll never see
Covered in scars from the words they'll never weigh
And they say you're broken
And they say you're flawed
And that you're empty and wrong
So hear my prayer turn to song
And I know my words sound far away
And I know they're telling you to turn back
And I know the pain pushes you down
But let my voice carry you out
And I will support you

I hope these words go deep in your heart and that you never forget who you really are
Never give up, never give in
And never forget about the strength of your friends
I'm here for you (I'll shout til my throat bleeds)
I'm here for you (I'll sing til you hear me)
Don't let the things they say mask the beauty in your heart
Don't let the emptiness consume the joy you've
Been granted They're wrong.
They're wrong


from AXIOS, released November 23, 2013



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